Our Mission

Our mission is to keep clothes out of landfill and circulating responsibly.
Girl wearing organic cotton vest from Nature Baby surrounded by images of earth.


Being a conscious consumer can be hard work. Figuring out an affordable way to dress your children sustainably is how Curious Kind can help you. Being kind to people and kind to the planet is what motivates us. Because the $4 children's t-shirt from a fast fashion store is not cheap. Someone, somewhere is paying the price and we don't think that is fair.


Did you know that only 15% of clothing that is donated to charities in Australia ends up on the shop floor? The majority ends up in landfill. When we put old clothes into a charity bin we are often just making our clothing waste someone else's problem. We want to create a business where knowing what to do with our used clothing is as easy as knowing where to buy more.... It is possible!

We aim to be a circular business that is part of the solution to the fashion waste, pollution and overconsumption problems. This is why we offer you a rental model and also reward you for returning any items purchased from us. We want to take care of the next life of our clothes and keep them out of landfill. Any item that is not fit for reuse will be upcycled or recycled and never treated as waste.

Girl and boy wearing organic linen overalls and shirt from Amber Days. An indigenous-owned Australia labels that features artwork from indigenous artists on their fabrics. These pieces are from the KUU collection.
Boy wearing oversized organic cotton knit cardigan from Australian brand Five O Six in Oatmeal colour. Surrounded by images of light bulbs with leaves inside. This signifies that Curious Kind is an innovative Australian circular fashion business.


At Curious Kind we strive to always bring creative solutions to big problems.

'Slow' fashion for children is sometimes hard to do because they grow so quickly. Investing in new clothes all the time is expensive, time consuming and sometimes wasteful (hello you clothes in the back of the cupboard that never got worn).

We think providing our customers with the option to rent or buy as well as the choice of both new and pre-loved clothes is genius! We've partnered with some incredible brands who share our values to bring you this circular fashion model.