How it Works

Curious about renting? Here’s how to make it work for you

Rent new or pre-loved clothes from our collections. Pre-loved items will be added as they become available, making sustainable children's clothes even more affordable.
You can rent or buy baby and children’s clothes from our collections. Our clothes are sustainable, organic and ethically made. Shopping with us is better for the environment and the planet.

01. Browse our collections

Curious Kind has a range of beautiful organic clothing that is ethically sourced

Head over to our shop page and choose from our range of new and pre-loved clothes

Decide whether you want to rent or buy different items, the choice is yours!

Add the items to your cart, checkout and await your bundle of planet-friendly threads for your kids.

02. Wear our goodies

Next, simply let your children live their best lives in their new clothes

Worried your kids might damage our clothes? We're not! Check out our FAQs here.

Share with us! Take pictures and tag us on social media with the hashtag #curiouskindkids

We have a range of organic bodysuits, onesies and growsuits as well as many other organic clothes for baby and children. You can choose to rent or buy.
Shipping within Australia is made easy. You can return your baby rental clothes to us in the reusable satchel and we will end your subscription.

03. Swap it out

If you've rented...when you need a change of size, change of season or just a refresh, simply email us to return and choose again

Most families rent a bundle for an average of 3-5 months.

You can send your items back in the reusable satchel that we've provided at anytime, but we will pay the return shipping for you after 3 months!

If you chose to buy.... you can return these clothes to us in any condition, for life and you’ll receive 15% store credit towards your next purchase


You’ve just made an investment in your childrens' future!


Little Loop Return Program

Here’s how it works. Buy from Curious Kind, wear our clothes out, have adventures, get messy if you like. Send us those clothes back when you’re finished and we’ll reward you with 15% store credit. We’ll reuse, upcycle or recycle them - ensuring that they don't end up in landfill.

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We keep clothes out of landfill. The Little Loop Return Program allows you to return your purchases items to us and we reward you with store credit. Reduce clothing waste. Recycle children’s clothes.