Who we are

Hi! I'm Libby, the person behind Curious Kind.

I am a mum of two girls and have worked for many years as an environmental scientist. I love the natural world - being in it, appreciating it and learning about it.

In the last couple of years I've taken a deep dive into the world of fashion and have become a bit obsessed with how unsustainable our current consumption of clothing has become. I have also moved house many times since becoming a parent. Every time I was faced with mountains of baby clothes that I just didn't know what to do with, it all just felt really wrong.

I've set out to find an innovative way to dress our children in beautiful clothes that are kinder to the environment and the people making them. This is not about going without or spending your life hunting in secondhand shops. It is about keeping clothes circulating responsibly. I want this to be an affordable alternative to buying fast fashion for your kids so that more families like yours, can experience the benefits.

Imagine if knowing what to do with your children's used clothing (even the damaged items) was as easy as knowing where to buy more.... it is possible!⁠ I am so happy to have you on this journey with me! xx

What we do

We want to keep as many clothes out of landfills as we can, so we've created a circular business model. We give you the option to rent or buy anything in our store!

Renting your children's clothes means that you get what you need, when you need it for a fraction of the cost. But sometimes it will make more sense for you to buy rather than rent. So when you buy, we reward you with store credit when you return any items you've ever purchased from us. There is no time limit, and they can be returned in any condition. We want them to live their best life before they come back to us. Then we'll take care of their next life.

How we do it

Our model is easy yet impactful. It works like hand-me-downs but slightly better. Because you get the right size, and you only need to store items that you're using now. If renting, you choose your bundle, keep it for as long as you like and then simply return the items and order your next bundle when you need a change. Subscriptions are charged monthly but you only pay for the days you use. Say bye-bye to hoarding clothes that don't fit!

If you've purchased items from us and no longer need them, you can send them back to us through our Little Loop Return Program. We'll take your hand-me-downs and reward you with 15% store credit!

What are our goals

Providing you with a product and service that is sustainable, affordable and adorable are our top three goals as a business.

We want to give you the best products and pricing options that mean that more families can have access to clothing that’s kind to people and the planet as well as gentle on your children's skin. Best of all, we’ve curated gush-worthy collections that are made to last.